EuroScope 3.2

Simulates the activity of aerial radar devices
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Create a digital radar to track and identify aircraft, check flight plans and coordinate aerial traffic in the simulation suite supporting customizable content import. The plug-in development environment enables creating and loading custom DLLs and configuring information.

This version was introduced more than a year ago in March 2008.
Using Plug-in development environment you can create your own DLLs that can be loaded into EuroScope. As a programmer you can access nearly all the information available about planes, flight plans, controllers around.

You are free to make code to add elements to a TAG, draw your own graphics to the radar screen or simply create a complete new view of the traffic. Some plug-ins are available as source code in the installer package.

Main Features :
- Connect to SweatBox server
- More than 100 AC performance data is stored in EuroScope with the possibility to change them in the scenario file
- Accurate handling of the AC in high flight levels (simulating IAS and Mach change)
- Integration with Craig Phillip's ASE editor and scenario file repository (download scenario directly from there)
- Local FSD support for simulation sessions
- Automatic sector file publication and download.
- Metric units.
- Full VATSIM server status check at startup.
- The possibility to individually confirm all message types.
- The voice aliases: It is a complete new (and I hope revolutionally) way to control text only aircraft. We combined the Microsoft Speech Recognition SDK with a regular expression like grammar definition (with sounds like capabilities). These items altogether make the voice recognition stable and precise enough to be used for text only aircraft.
- Arrival and flight plan lists.
- Support of VRC's SCT2 format files.
- All symbols are now freely editable via the symbology settings dialog.
- The autotext messages are using aliases to allow changing them.

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